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Specializing in affordable health care coverage plans for solopreneurs, individuals and small businesses

Licensed in Colorado and Wisconsin since 2001, I'm an experienced Health Insurance Broker who enjoys all that Colorado and Wisconsin have to offer: hiking, biking, skiing, rollerblading, rafting, boating, ball games … any Mountain Festival!

I was raised in Wisconsin, but I have lived in Colorado since 1990; longer than I lived in Wisconsin. Now I have a new office location in Waukesha, WI.

My business is focused on individuals, solopreneurs, and small business owners in the two states that I love and know the most about - Colorado and Wisconsin.

Please reach out to me 7 days/week and feel free to refer me to friends and family that live in those states who may have general questions about health insurance coverage.  A free health insurance review is always available to you for comparison.

Call/Text Direct: 303-579-6397

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I'll send you a calendar request for a meeting to discuss your specific health insurance situation and options for best coverage.

What People Are Saying

"Tad has been invaluable to my family as we naviagated the complexities of health insurance....be it kids who are freelance, being self-employed, retiring early....you name it, Tad has been there for us. I trust him 110%. He is responsive, knowledgeable, and caring. I have recommended him to others who need health insurance options - but I'm happy to give him a stellar recommendation here too!"

"Tad is a shining light within the healthcare insurance world and I only have positive things to say about my experience working with him. He helped me pick the plan that was right for me and made the process simple and straightforward. I would recommend him to any and all that need assistance from an insurance broker."

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Tad Smith rafting in Colorado
Tad Smith rafting in Colorado