Licensed in Colorado since 2001, I'm an experienced Health Insurance Broker who enjoys all that Colorado has to offer: hiking, biking, skiing, rollerblading, rafting, boating, ball games…

My professional background includes stints in the offset printing industry during most of the 90’s followed by about a 9-year career in telecommunications, and now working to help my clients work through the maze of options to find affordable health insurance since 2001.

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Tad Working at the Office - 9-22-22

Colorado Back Story

While taking a year off from the University of Wisconsin, I hitchhiked throughout the Rocky Mountain west in 1984, falling in love with the Colorado mountains at age 19.

I remember hitchhiking from my cousin’s house in Denver to Vail on Oct 15th, 1984, the day the Broncos played the Packers in a blizzard on Monday Night Football.   Picture me on the side of an interstate 70 entrance ramp, heading west, wearing a 60 lb backpack and with my thumb out.

So I found a bar at the Holiday Inn in Vail to watch the game, which the Broncos won. Then I went out and lay down near the old traffic circle, covered myself with a space blanket and climbed into my sleeping bag. I woke up with six inches of snow on top of me, nearly frozen to death. I walked directly into the Holiday Inn to get a room – $75.

With a degree in hand from the University of Wisconsin, I finally moved to Boulder in 1990. Colorado has evolved quite a bit since then and with each of my hips now replaced, so have I… Great orthopedic care here on the front range. Thank you Dr Peter Lammens!

I still love skiing, hiking, biking and the Colorado sunshine, and my surgeries allow for no restrictions.

Our Story

DU Hockey with the boys
Tad and friends
Tad Skiing
Tad Smith hiking Gregory Canyon Boulder Colorado
Tad Smith rafting in Colorado

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Thank you.