My Approach

There is no "Us".

When you communicate with Tad Smith Health Insurance, you're communicating with me, Tad Smith, regarding your Health and Life insurance questions. I purposely keep my business lean and small(ish) so that I can offer the best, direct advice.  Whether it be to investigate state-based Medicaid or to provide you with the best possible health insurance solution based on your healthy and active lifestyle.

Serving Colorado - Front Range, Mountain Communities and Western Slope

Licensed in Colorado and Wisconsin since 2001, I'm an experienced Agent who enjoys all that Colorado has to offer: Hiking, biking, skiing, rollerblading ... any Mountain Festival! I was raised in Wisconsin, but I've been in Colorado since 1990 and, by now, I've lived here far longer than I lived in Wisconsin. Colorado is definitely home. So many of us can't imagine moving back to our state of origin, right?

Serving the people and small businesses of Wisconsin

I am also licensed in Wisconsin where I have a personal connection to the people and businesses there.
If I can help, I will.

Please call me today:

Colorado:  303-579-6397

Wisconsin: 262-899-0052

Our Story

Tad and friends
Tad Skiing
DU Hockey with the boys

In Colorado contact me by calling 303-579-6397 and for Wisconsin call me at 262-899-0052, or fill out my contact form below.  I will get back to you promptly.

Thank you.