Remember, a Health Insurance Broker is a free resource

I was reminded by a new client last week that the options, subsidies, health insurance carriers and each health insurance carrier’s HMO or EPO and PPO networks can be confusing and intimidating; especially for recent Colorado transplants and/or a family leaving a corporate health insurance plan.

Renee, a recent Colorado transplant from out-of-state, contacted me after spending over a month trying to wade through, attempting to set up a federal subsidy (tax credit) and choose the plan that would meet her needs best for the remainder of 2022.

Turns out, she thought she wanted a plan with a carrier that wasn’t going to be accepted at her nearest hospital, and with very few physicians in her small town that would be in-network.  For a few extra $ per month, we were able to get her into a health insurance plan for October 1st that gave her great access to physicians in her community as well as her local hospital.

In addition, after learning of her previous earnings and calculating what her earnings were going to be during that last few months of 2022, we were able to get her set up through the exchange with great coverage and plan to revisit her situation during open enrollment in November based on the health insurance plans to be available for 2023.

After her subsidy is accounted for (tax credit), she will be paying $27 per month for a Bronze Plan the remainder of plan-year 2022. I expect it will be similar next year as well.

The above consultation took us about a half an hour, all over the phone.

After 21 years in this business, I sometimes forget how much heavy lifting it can be when creating an account with and trying to execute a transaction on your own.

It’s really not necessary to take this on yourself; please Contact Me for a Complimentary Consult…