Great Yelp Reviews

I typically don’t like to blow my own horn, however, my marketing team suggested that we share a couple of the recent Yelp reviews.  One from someone that did not even buy insurance from me.

I spend a lot of time counseling folks that inquire about the best health insurance options, regardless of whether we end up doing business together.
My first goal is to provide accurate health insurance information to help folks decided for themselves what makes the most sense.

Here are 2 recent Yelp reviews:

Nils B. – Denver, CO on 1-13-2021  ~

I spent about 30 minutes discussing plans with Tad and the information he provided was detailed and accurate. I currently have Anthem BCBS and they made changes to my plan for 2021 and have cut out doctors that I have used for years, so I called Tad to discuss my options. He communicated my options clearly and accurately. I spoke with Anthem after Tad and it was clear he knew what was going at Anthem better than the Anthem health care advisors. Even once Tad and I realized there was no point in me switching from my current plan, because no plan currently provides an individual in metro Denver the access I am requesting, Tad continued to stay on the phone with me and provide valuable information. As I said, I only spoke with him for 30 minutes, but he truly seemed to be concerned about my best interests and to know the landscape of the Colorado health insurance business. Also, as one other reviewer noted, he picked up the phone himself the first time I tried to call him.


Josh K. – Central Denver, CO on 4-30-2020  ~

Tad Smith is exactly what you want in an insurance broker.  I called on his services to help my lady and I find a good affordable health care plan and I am 100% satisfied with his help.  He spent the time on the phone to give me options of what I could expect to spend for different plans and how income levels affect possible federal subsidies. In the end, we have a plan that we feel great about going into these complicated times.
Thank you Tad, I recommend you highly

Tad Smith